Emerging Technologies

Al Knitwear current

Algorithm JamplifyingThesis

Hyper-density Add-ons
Proxy Limbs


Art Direction/Graphics/Concept

Lenovo New Year 2017
Lenovo Christmas 2016

Art X Guangzhou Metro



Creative Coding/Video Art

Generative Experiments - Processing

3D Simulation - Food Palace

AI & Art

Projection - Chinese Pop Wall

Experimental Videos


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Yunying Huang is a media artist, creative technologist, multimedia designer with a passion for emerging technology, pop culture, fashion, and social media. 
Her research and work range from AR/VR Technology, Generative AI/ML Art, Graphic Design, Video Art, Creative Coding, and User Experience Design.



Incorporating emerging technology, pop culture, fashion, and social media, Huang creates innovative experience for media platforms that address and challenge the nature of everyday lives. Her work explores our contemporary relationship to emerging technology, social identities, self-expression and aesthetics; interrogating and intervening in the circulation of dominant ideology, agency, creativity in our everyday lives, online and off.

She is a recent graduate of Media Design Practices (MFA) at ArtCenter College of Design.

Her work is recently featured in It’s Nice That, a leading platform promoting championing creativity.
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