A.I. & Art

︎Re-generating Social Media Celebrities    

data collecting / coding / 3d modelling / animation / motion tracking Use AI generative algorithm to generate human figure, and use the generative result as an inspiration to re-generate social media videos.

After training on thousands of Tiktok screenshots of celebrities for days, the machine started to give some interesting results.
︎training dataset examples

︎some of the results


︎URL = IRL ?

Research project with Tim Durfee
YOLO(fast object detection) algorithm + HTML + Javascript

Transforming an IRL viewing experience into a collective URL experience.
We are in an ubiquitous technology life and the boundary between online and offline is disappearing. Social media, live streaming, real-time reality show are constantly breaking this boundary too. For so many people, the concept of digital life or physical life does not exsist because it is the same. 

Ever since we have computer and internet, cursors became symbols for browsing, digitally. In this experiment, I used AI to detect human figure and replaced it with cursors. Each cursor on the screen represents the physical presence of one person in front of the screen watching the video. 

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Emerging Technologies

Al Knitwear 

Algorithm JamplifyingThesis

Hyper-density Add-ons
Proxy Limbs
Hyper Chinese Pop


Art Direction/Graphics/Concept

Ying X RayBan 2021
Lenovo New Year 2017
Lenovo Christmas 2016

Art X Guangzhou Metro



Creative Coding/Video Art

Generative Experiments - Processing

3D Simulation - Food Palace

AI & Art

Projection - Chinese Pop Wall

Experimental Videos


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Yunying Huang is a media artist, creative technologist, multimedia designer with a passion for emerging technology, pop culture, fashion, and social media. 
Her research and work range from AR/VR Technology, Generative AI/ML Art, Graphic Design, Video Art, Creative Coding, and User Experience Design.
She is now the founder of The NewNew Studio.